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COMMISSIONS: Now with more options, better prices, more experience!!
Beyond Sketches, lets get down to business!

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SAB-CA's Base commission prices!:

-- Half Page Pencil linework:  $6.00
-- Full Page Pencil linework:  $12.00

Additional Options: Specialize your Commissions!

-- Fully Inked work:  +$5.00 to base price.
-- Fully Pencil Shaded Work:  +$5.00
-- Fully Colored Work (C.Pencils or Photoshop):  +$5.00
-- Additional Characters/Elements:  +$6.00 each to base price.

So how does this work out? (Pricing Examples)

-- Fully Inked Single Character Work (Half Page):  $11
-- 2 Character Colored Pencil work (Full page):  $23.00
-- Simple design sketch (Pencil linework, Full page):  $12.00

<img src="…" alt="SAB-CA's Commissions are OPEN!>

Ok, what's are these Pixel Arts and Emoticons?

-- Well, see those little animating images at the end of my journal? That's
-- My personal breed of Emoticon. See the images of the Ninja-dude
-- (tubenose) and the cute girl (character by augustc4) in the
-- banner above? Those are Pixel arts! Pixel art is special in that it requires
-- a person to place each pixel individually: You don't just draw these things
-- with a brush, you map each individual detail out with specific love and
-- attention! They're basically like the character graphics you see in your
-- older video games, and on systems like Game Boy Advance.

I wanna a cute mini character! (prices):
Tubenose: The NINJA! by SAB-CA Woo Ha by SAB-CA Testing, testing, SAB... by SAB-CA
-- Emoticon with No motion:  $3.00
-- Emoticon with Animation!: $6.00
---- Please note that animations should be kept simple, like the examples
---- provided below. Nothing over-detailed; that's a bit rough to do.

I want an RPG character Style Portrait! (prices)
X: Tubenose RPG port. style:X by SAB-CA
-- Portrait with just face:  $3.00
-- Larger Bust Portrait (Like Cecelia):   $6.00


SAB-CA's commission Rules:

-- No overly sexual or lewd ideas will be considered.
------ If you have questions, email me at
------ You see what I have in my gallery, that gives a good idea of what I
------ will and will not do.

-- Fanart or Original Characters OK!
------ Fanart of your own char, a commericially known character, or
------ me producing a character from your description is GO!
------ If you want fanart of a character from someone else on DA/that you
------ know personally, please contact them, and get their permission.
------ Have them note me as well, saying "This is ok!" of some sort.

-- Revisions, Time, and Process.
------ Each project will be given a maximum of 2 weeks from announced
------ start date. I will start after payment is recieved. I will send you a
------ rough work, to be confirmed, before I begin finalizing.
------ All Works will be sent DIGITALLY, at multiple resolutions: At a
------ print-sized resolution (300 DPI) and at web-ready res. (75 DPI)

-- Comission Piece Use!
------ You may use a commission from me for whatever PERSONAL
------ reason you may have (Website logo, forum signiture, avatar).
------ Just make sure to make a link to me, or put my name (SAB-CA)
------ somewhere on the work, when size permits.
------ These commissions may NOT be used for commercial purposes!
------ If you want a commericial commission, PLEASE email me, and we can
------ make an appropiate deal!
------ I reserve the right to use the artwork I produce as a promotional
------ piece, and to post it in my gallery either here (DA) or on my personal
------ sites/forums, but otherwise, this picture is completly yours!
------ I won't be making public prints of it for sale (maybe as part of a
------ collage of personal works at most), unless you give personal
------ permission.

Sound good to you? GOOD!

Commission Slots:

Pending Commissions:

--- OPEN!
--- OPEN!
--- OPEN!

[3 available, out of 3]

Completed Commissions:

--- Commission for Jeanninne of her dog, Moree! (Art: Complete!)
Diggin' Dog: Moree by SAB-CA

--- Commission for SpasticMouse for character logo. (Art: complete!)
Commish: The Spasticmouse by SAB-CA

--- Commission for jkrolak for Shego Sprite-Kin (Art: Complete!)
Commish: Shego for Jkrolak by SAB-CA

--- Commission for: Ada - Suikoden Fanart of Lucretia (Art: Complete!)
Commish: Lucretia - Suikoden 5 by SAB-CA

--- Commission for: Whitney "Venus" at Animazement: I took a picture of this one, should be here soon!

--- Commission of: Team Rocket Member James at Animazement: I didn't get a picture of it first! DOH! It was cool, too... I'm very happy ya liked it! (A color pencil half page design, much like my Ninja, Meganekko, and Hero characters)

- Pencil and Pen Examples -
Judah - The Warrior - Redesign by SAB-CA Part 3 - Aeris Gainsborough by SAB-CA + Nadia and... some girl...+ by SAB-CA
- Half Page + Inked + Photoshop Examples -
The Leader -Guy With Goggles- by SAB-CA Meganekko -Gal with Glasses- by SAB-CA

Anything more can be found in my gallery!

:shop231821: :shop235084: :shop235105: :shop235102:
Personal Web Site:
MR Gallery:…
Dance my Emoticons! Dance!
Tubenose: The NINJA! by SAB-CA Woo Ha by SAB-CA Testing, testing, SAB... by SAB-CA
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Lillejord Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I want a large bust like cecilia. uh...I mean... oh, nevermind.
SAB-CA Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
:laughing: A sun with 2 large moons? :XD: That would be a heck of a celestial body.
Lillejord Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Madee-Chan Featured By Owner May 31, 2006
xD You should let people commission you for pixel art stuffs!! >< I would SO get onhe! XD I'm planning on commissioning you soon anyway, though....

As soon as I figure out what I want! XDDD
SAB-CA Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
:dance: W00tW00t! :xd: I'll probably be revising my commish rules anywho, to make them a bit more user friendly, in a while. (They'll be like what I offered at that last convention I went to.)

I've thought about Pixel art Commissions, I'm just at not sure I know what I should do to price them just yet, lol. Some of them take longer to make than full drawings! :laughing: But I agree, it's a good idea! :hug:
Madee-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2006
:w00t: I have a good idea!! YAY!!! X3
:whisper: you should do emots too :giggle:
:lmao: If you start doing pixel commissions, I dont care how much it is, I have a great idea, :lmao: And you'll get to choose part of it without me knowing, :laughing:
:mwahaha: I :heart: The idea I have for one!! XDD
Policat Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2006   Digital Artist
You made the A in your name capital!!!! :dance:
SAB-CA Featured By Owner May 1, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
:laughing: Well, when being formal, one likes to act as formal as possible! :laughing: Now... I need some people to bit the hook... c'mon, you people who want arts!
Policat Featured By Owner May 2, 2006   Digital Artist
i really wish i was eighteen, there would be so many people i'd commision..will you still be an artist in 3 years?
SAB-CA Featured By Owner May 2, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, just don't expect me to be as inexpensive then ;-) In 3 years, I'll have been givin Augy a run for his money for the past 2 years! :laughing: :shakefist: :XD:
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