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Knight - Bound in Honor, Peerless in Faith by SAB-CA Knight - Bound in Honor, Peerless in Faith by SAB-CA

Long Time DA Friends might remember the Ninjas, Megane, and Digimon Hero-ish guy I did in this style. Well, I had one more I never completed, this Knight here! I plan to do more in the future like this, so I figured it was time to finalize this one!

I've always liked the Heroic Knight in fantasy stories. Not just because they're "The Good Guys", but they normally have a very nice mix of personal strength, belief in God (or a fantasy greater power) that leads them through conflict, and they're all about honor and loyalty to their ideals. Y'know, unless they're the Black Knight that always barges in to ruin things! (That's "Knightcist!")

In a world where the heroic characters get darker, more foul, and harder for me to clearly want to cheer for in each day that passes, I feel good to be able to look at a paradigm of clasically good, noble strength, and still find such positive qualities.

LeloniBunny Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
He definitely has that positive look to him.  Nice one.
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